Lamar, Texas Attractions

The areas surrounding Lamar, Texas, including Goose Island State Park, Rockport Beach, and the Schoenstatt Shrine offers its own unique charm and attractions, especially for those interested in history, nature, and quiet coastal experiences. Storing your boat, RV, or vehicle nearby is not just a matter of convenience, it’s a strategic choice that allows for spontaneous adventures, deeper exploration of the local landscapes, and a stress-free way to engage with the activities available. Looking for a dependable place to store your vehicle in Lamar, TX? Look no further than Goose Island Park Storage, your premier choice for safeguarding all your prized possessions! Our team is devoted to providing outstanding customer care and superior storage solutions at competitive rates. Reach out to us now to learn more about our services and how we can help you store your vehicle securely.

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Big Tree

The Big Tree, located in Goose Island State Park near Lamar, Texas, is one of the most famous natural landmarks in the state and a must-visit attraction for those in the area. This majestic live oak tree is an impressive sight due to its age, size, and the history it represents. The Big Tree is estimated to be over 1,000 years old, making it one of the oldest living things in Texas.  At its base, the circumference measures more than 35 feet, and its crown spreads to over 90 feet.Its endurance through countless storms, droughts, and changes in the landscape embodies the resilience and continuity of nature. The tree has become a symbol of strength and survival, drawing visitors who marvel at its history and beauty.

Goose Island State Park

Goose Island State Park, spanning 321 acres along St. Charles and Aransas Bays near the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, offers a unique blend of coastal and woodland environments ideal for a variety of outdoor activities including camping, bird watching, fishing, and kayaking. It stands as a perfect destination for family adventures, offering not only the chance to bond and relax in nature but also educational opportunities through nature walks and conservation workshops. These programs aim to deepen visitors’ understanding of the park’s ecosystems, seasonal dynamics, and resident species, while highlighting the importance of conservation efforts. With activities and scenic beauty that can be enjoyed year-round, the park’s peak seasons in spring and fall cater to those seeking comfortable weather and a fuller schedule of events, making it a versatile and enriching experience for anyone looking to explore Texas’s natural landscapes.

sign for goose island state park

Rockport Beach 

Rockport Beach is a short drive from Lamar and is renowned for being Texas’s first Blue Wave Beach, a designation for its cleanliness and environmental management. This beach boasts calm waters, making it perfect for swimming and family-friendly activities. Visitors can enjoy amenities such as picnic areas, pavilions, volleyball courts, and a designated swimming area. The calm waters are ideal for paddleboarding and kayaking, and there’s a long walking path for those looking to take a scenic stroll along the shore.

view of rockport beach

Schoenstatt Shrine

The Schoenstatt Shrine near Lamar, Texas, is one of the many Schoenstatt Shrines scattered around the globe, serving as a spiritual home for the Schoenstatt Movement’s members and devotees. This particular shrine is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt, echoing the movement’s deep Marian devotion. It stands as a beacon of faith and a place of pilgrimage, spiritual renewal, and grace for many.The Schoenstatt Shrine in Rockport, hosts a variety of spiritual and community activities. These may include daily or weekly Mass, prayer services, retreats, and educational programs aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and the Schoenstatt Movement’s principles.

Rockport, TX RV, Vehicle, and Boat Storage

Here at Goose Island Park Storage, we offer a variety of options when it comes to storing your RV, car, or fishing boat. Our spacious outdoor storage area is perfect for RVs, cars, trucks and boats of all sizes. With 24/7 access, you can come and go as you please, making it a convenient option for those on the move. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to assist with your storage needs, offer advice on the best storage solution for your vehicle, and ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Located a short distance from Goose Island State Park, our storage facility is easily accessible from major highways and offers a convenient solution for residents and travelers alike. Our proximity to camping sites, national parks, and recreational areas makes us the ideal choice for RV enthusiasts looking to store their vehicles close to their next adventure. Whether you’re looking for short-term storage solutions for your car, a place to store your boat,  a secure spot for your RV during the off-season, or U-Haul rental, Goose Island Park Storage has you covered. Visit us today to see why we’re the trusted choice for vehicle storage in the area.